Remember the summers when you were little? Carefree times for hanging around the neighborhood with friends. Playing games, making projects, hiking and exploring, swimming, baseball, tennis. Lots of time to relax, to let your imagination run away with you, to get plenty of fresh air and exercise. Low-key summer days with countless choices and loads of fun. Would you like that kind of a summer for your child, instead of one where your child has to adhere to someone else’s choices and schedule of activities.

  • Fun in the Sun is one of the most affordable camps in the Philly area.

  • Located in Mount Airy and Plymouth Meeting

  • We accept children between the ages of 5-13 years old

  • No charge for before or after care.

  • One low price 7:30am to 6:00pm…Get all the info….

  • Click on each “forms” and get all the information you need

Following are words about Fun in the Sun from one of our counselors who started as a 5 years old camper

As both a camper and counselor, I’ve been at Fun in the Sun since 1994, only taking two years off to lifeguard at two other summer camps in the area. The jovial feelings that are invoked by the changing of the seasons from spring to summer always remind me of my imagination and child like innocence that I enjoyed during so many years at camp.

As a lifeguard at these other summer camps, I saw structure and time sensitive activities stifle the natural innocence of summer.

Fun in the Sun surrounds it’s campers with a diverse set of kids and puts them in an environment where the imagination can run wild.

I remember as a camper at Fun in the Sun spending endless hours in the pool living as Bulbasaur (my favorite Pokemon at the time) as I explored the Pokemon world with Pikachu and Charmander. I wasn’t Bulbasaur for just 50 minutes until my counselor told me it was time to do arts and crafts, I was Bulbasaur until I decided that I wanted to be Vulpix, a Pokemon that can harness the element of fire.

Fun in the Sun fosters the delightful and playful imagination that summer camp should be all about. It encourages parents to ask their child not “What did you do at camp today?” but rather, “How did Bulbasaur fair against Team Rocket today?”

Joey Bilyk

Camp starts June 10, 2019

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