Plymouth Swim Club has three pools attended by lifeguards as well as our counselors. There is the small shallow pool for children 6 and under. There is a very large medium-depth pool that goes from 3 feet to 4 feet. Children may wear swimmies or play with balls, noodles, and other small flotation devises in this pool. There is a deep pool, half of which is designated for swimming and the other half for diving board use. The swimming end goes from 4 feet to 10 feet and the diving end is 13 feet deep. To use the diving boards, a camper must pass a swimming test given by a club lifeguard.Snack is provided again at 3:00 PM daily. The club snack bar is also available throughout the day for any children who have brought money for snack.At 4:30 PM all campers get changed, gather their belongings, and get ready to board the bus at 5:00 PM. The USG campers return at approximately 5:30 PM. Campers may be picked up at anytime between their return and the end of camp at 6:00 PM.