Fun in the Sun camp provides carefree days under careful supervision of caring counselors. My search for summer camp began with a long list of requirements:

  • Appropriate hours for working parents (without extra charge for aftercare)
  • Close location
  • Accommodates kids of different ages
  • Reasonably priced
  • Counselors who really enjoy being there and interacting with the kids
  • Good communication with parents
  • Weekly trips
  • Get outside
  • Imaginative play and activities without a completely rigid schedule.                                  I was so blessed to find Fun in the Sun, since it met all of those needs and then some.  From my first interactions with Dora, who quickly and graciously answered our barrage of email questions, to meeting Bonnie and the counselors at the Open House, to seeing (and sharing) all the wonderful pictures documenting each week, to those last few days of camp when we couldn’t believe summer was over. The kids had a great summer last year and are so happy to be returning this summer! I heartily recommend this camp as the best around!                                                                   --Nicole Baldini

Mother of Tegan and Rhiannon


My son Nate has been coming to FITS for 4 years and he plans to keep coming! He told me he wants to be a counselor and his short term goal is to be an assist counselor when he's 11. He (and his parents) LOVE Bonnie and Dora and the care, support, encouragement, and attention they give him and all the kids! FITS ROCKS!!

Kimberley Jones


We can’t say enough good things about Fun in the Sun! This summer will be Devlin’s 4th attending FITS and she absolutely loves her time there. Fun in the Sun is…carefree but not a “free for all”… it is inexpensive but not “cut rate” (shhh! Don’t tell Bonnie and Dora, but they could probably charge more and we’d still figure out a way to send our kids there)…it is structured but not “overly programmed”… This is good, old-fashioned fun where the kids are allowed—encouraged—to use their imaginations and not just participate in pre-scripted, pre-planned activities. Bonnie and Dora are the teachers you hope your child will be lucky enough to have once; with FITS you can have them every year!  

Rick and Christine


This is McKayla’s third year of Fun in the Sun, and she loves it! We take many long weekend mini-trips during the summer months, and the latest plan for the weekend was to head to the Philadelphia Folk Festival and then Kennywood Park (wonderful amusement park in Pittsburgh). When I told her I was off on Friday and we would be going, she said “No Mom, I want to go to Fun in the Sun Friday, not on vacation!” The art room is free-style and wonderful, the counselors top-rate; she's always coming home with excitement and telling me what new art project she’s working on, how many new dives she’s learning at the pool, and what weekly morning activities the counselors have come up with (most recently a talent show that she practiced all week for).

McKayla literally jumps out of bed at 6:45 each morning, excited and hurrying to get ready to go. “Please, Mom, hurry. I want to get there at 7:30 when they open, or I’ll miss it!” 

Thank you Dora and Bonnie!


This is the first year of Fun in the Sun for our kids – it came highly recommended as an affordable camp where kids can just relax, make new friends, and play! Their school year is so structured and it’s wonderful that Fun in the Sun provides an opportunity for a different kind of growth.

I’ve noticed how happy Grant and Sydney are to get up and get ready for camp in the morning (this is no small feat!) so in addition to their saying it, we know they love this camp.

Elisabeth HaddenMother of Grant & Sydney


Fun in the Sun reminds me of my best summer days from childhood. My boys play hard all day with good friends. They hang at the swimming pool. This is where they both learned to swim in fact. Getting their high dive bands is cause for celebration each June. At Fun in the Sun they feel free to play sports, make beautiful art, perform, and most importantly relax and enjoy just being kids. I trust the staff implicitly to put their safety first. Just as important I know they are appreciated and known and cared for as individuals. I cannot imagine a summer without Fun in the Sun and neither can my children.

“Maura Hanlon mother of Noah & Jonas Gindin


I initially chose Fun in the Sun because it was the only camp I found that allowed the kids to “just be kids”!  I wanted my son the opportunity to have those care-free days of the summer that I remembered from my childhood.  When Chris started to attend camp it was apparent that he loved it!  He couldn’t wait to go in the morning, and has asked all winter when he gets to go back!  He has even already made plans to become a CIT!

We absolutely love Fun in the Sun and the genuine care and love we feel from the teachers and counselors.  I would recommend this camp highly!

Michelle Martin

mother to Christopher Clark